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              Tongling Weight Mining Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful ancient copper capital of China - Tongling, Anhui. Tongling City has convenient transportation and a long history, especially known for its copper processing and related industries nationwide. It is also the main production and distribution center for pyrite and specularite in China.
                We have been committed to the development and research of iron sulfide, micaceous iron oxide, sulfur increasing agents, copper removal agents, diamond sand, and weight ore for many years, with an annual production capacity of over 60000 tons of high-purity pyrite. In addition, we have maintained cooperation with multiple research institutions to make our due contribution to environmental protection and soil improvement. Our products cover industries such as steel, casting, abrasive tools, coatings, mechanical processing, mechanical counterweights, and crude lead smelting.

          • 10+

            10th anniversary of company establishment

          • 8000W+

            Annual sales of approximately 80000 million+

          • 20Wtons

            Annual production of 200000 tons of pyrite

          • 3000m2

            Covering an area of 3000m22





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          Tongling Weite mineral products Sales Co.,Ltd.


          Address:20 / F, Huifu Plaza, Wantai Jade City, Tongling City, Anhui Province

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          Mainly engaged in iron sulfide, wear-resistant floor (tin titanium alloy sand), Efficient Sulfurization Copper Remover, (iron sulfide) description, Casting Sulfur Additive (lron Sulfide), , Welcome to inquire by phone!